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Crown of Maine strives to include in its programming music produced in the area where its films are shot. This is in the belief that these composers and musicians literally live and breath the local ambience and that it comes through in their music.


Wednesday Evening Fiddlers

We are honored to have the music of the Wednesday Evening Fiddlers for our sound track in "Tater Raisin' Folk." This group is made up musicians from New Brunswick and Aroostook County, Maine who live in potato farming country. We know some of these musicians personally, including the Scheidler family, whose children, Anna and Tim, have special performances included in "Tater." Their CD's are $15 and they can be purchased by contacting:
Wednesday Evening Fiddlers
89 Back California Settlement Rd
California Settlement, New Brunswick E3Z 1V1
Tel (506) 473-1053


Nan Bennett

Nan's Wharf
Cutler Harbor showing Nan's wharf studio

We are also thrilled to have discovered the wonderful music of Nan Bennett, a classically trained pianist, for the sound track of "Postcards From Way Down East." Nan lives and works in a wharf studio/home in Cutler Harbor not far from Machias. Nan both composes and performs, but her specialty is improvisation performed live.

We were extremely fortunate that some of her work had been professionally recorded in her wharf studio and that she allowed us to use it in our show. Nan and her producer, Wing Lum, came all the way to far northern Maine to visit us for Midsommar this past year and we had a fun weekend together. Nan's CD, "Reflections", is $15 and is available by contacting her at:
25 Water Street
Machias, Maine 04654


Layne Longfellow

Layne Longfellow, related to the poet is our favorite narrator.

Layne Longfellow

We feel especially privileged to have as our narrator, Layne Longfellow, relative of Maine's best known poet. Layne has been in the Speakers Hall Of Fame since 1982, but above all that, he is a wonderful guy. He has spent many weeks touring with us to do film showings throughout Maine, often at his own expense, and he always treats the audiences with a reading of a Longfellow poem following the post film discussions.

Although Layne lives in Arizona, he has spent many months visiting in Maine in the locat28.03.11 22:12nd love of the local communities we feature. His CD, "Dreams That Cannot Die," from which he allowed us to use the Longfellow poem, "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls," in "Postcards" is an amazing listening experience. Layne's CD's are available at


William L. Duncan

Our neighbor: graphic artist, photographer, and webmaster - the awesomely talented, Bill Duncan. See his work at



Brenda N. Jepson
Crown of Maine Productions, Inc.
Facebook: Crown of Maine Productions Page
Brenda Nasberg Jepson profile
645 South Shore Road, Stockholm, ME 04783

All of our fine products are proudly made in Maine.

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