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Aroostook Calendar plus Awesome Aroostook DVD

Featuring beautiful Aroostook Scenes

New: a calendar that can be sent as a greeting and a gift.

Maple Meadow Farm DVD

DVD Disk $19.95

  • "Awesome Aroostook" is a video magazine program featuring amazing people, places and things Countywide including:
    Kindred Harps, of Houlton, raising funds to fight childhood disease.

  • Bridgewater General Store, where Mennonites provide a trip to yesteryear.

  • Whole Potato, a new Presque Isle restaurant, catering to folks who love organic spuds.

  • Nylander Museum in Caribou, with its fossils, rocks and shells as well as remarkable family photos from the 1920's. 

  • Friends Quaker Church near Fort Fairfield, a last stop on the Underground Railroad.

  • MSSM in Limestone, where students engage in exciting projects from firing off rockets to making lava lamps!

  • Solar System Display from Houlton to Presque Isle - a true-to-scale installation.

  • The Phantom, in New Sweden, a space age snowmobile made from spare parts.

  • Bouchard Family Farm in Fort Kent, where ployes mixes and pumpkins helped save the family potato farm.

  • Join us for this trip around The County to explore "Awesome Aroostook."

Running time: 60 minutes. Cover design by



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