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Maple Meadow Farms  DVD

Maple Meadow Farm DVD

DVD Disk $19.95

Maple Meadow Farm is an old time, four hundred acre farm in Mapleton, Maine where three generations of the Gregg family still work the land and forest using workhorses.
From harrowing to haying, and from plowing the fields to twitching out logs in the snowy woods, the Greggs rely on a team of six workhorses to complete their tasks.
This film shows old time farming, done by the Greggs, but it also provides a glimpse into the Gregg family life.
After workhorse Pat twitches out the logs, Terry Gregg and his son, Matt, spend time sawing the logs back at the wood pile, while Miriam Gregg, and her daughter-in-law, Andrea, make zuchinni bread in the farmhouse kitchen. Young Clay and his two sisters, Violet and Olive, pick eggs and tend their thirteen hens.
On the last weekend in June, the Greggs invite the whole community to Maple Meadow Farm Festival, held on the grounds and fields of their farm.
Folks come from miles around to experience the heritage farming demonstrated at Maple Meadow Farm.
Join them for a nostalgic trip into the past with a remarkable family and their workhorses in this heartwarming show.

DVD cover photos by Sarah Brooks and Alan Jepson, Narrated by Dan Olson
Music by Garold Hanscom, fiddle and guitar, and Mari-Jo Hedman, piano
Running time: 53 minutes. Cover design by

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