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Aroostook Calendar plus Old Swedish Farm DVD

Dan Olson
Dan Olson, Scandinavian Scholar, narrates the film and
conducts the interviews in Swedish.

In 1870, Swedish settlers flocked to far northern Maine to farm - creating a unique colony where the Swedish language is still spoken in the 21st century. But the few who speak Swedish are dwindling and the language likely will die out with the thirty or so, mostly older residents, who still speak Swedish today.

“Old Maine’s Swedish Farms,” features six residents of Maine’s Swedish Colony recounting their stories in Swedish of growing up on farms in the area while they are left to tell their tales.

From the April Fool’s Day jokes they played to the sadness they express over the disappearance of their farms, this film captures the lives of the Colony’s Swedish speakers during this fascinating chapter of Maine history. Interviews areconducted in Swedish by Scandinavian scholar, Dan Olson. Subtitles for the interviews are provided in English, while the beauty of the numerous dialects spoken by the last of the Swedish speakers are featured on the sound track.

Old Swedish Farm DVDA treasure trove of historic photos, provided by storytellers from the farms where they grew up, brings the old days and old ways of the Maine Swedish farms back to life in this half hour show. Even viewers who are not of Swedish descent will enjoy hearing stories about life on the farm years ago.

Running time: 32 minutes with English Sub-titles for the Swedish interviews


Back cover of Calendar

DVD cover

Postcard featuring beautiful Aroostook Scenes

New: a calendar that can be sent as a greeting and a gift.
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